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National workshop to mark the world environment day 2010

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Awareness campaign Kanchanpur

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Women participating in a program

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Researcher with a local

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The deteriorating environmental condition of Nepal needs an instantaneous response from the concerned departments’/authorities. The main cause of deterioration of environment is man. The nature adjusts itself with requirement of man till it is within the limit of genetic growth. Whenever equilibrium is disturbed the nature starts showing its wrath. Nepal is very rich in biological resources but the management practice is in the juvenile stage and environmental policies are in the primary stage due to lack of proper research and sound database. In the current situation the nation should focus on research based programs in order to create the concrete environmental policies.

Unsustainable forest management practices, inadequate wildlife management policies, unplanned urbanization, unsustainable developmental activities, deforestation, hunting and poaching of wild animals, inefficient agricultural practices, encroachment of forest and wetlands, energy crisis, growing population coupled with below average GDP, gender inequality etc are some of the major factors contributing to environmental degradation.

Go Green Nepal aims to focus on research based programs to help the nation create a sound database and combat environmental degradation caused by human activities.